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The Sword of Peace is a dramatic portrayal of the American Revolution and the struggles the peaceful Quakers face in a time of war.  Read more

A preview of what awaits you on your visit to Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre:

Pathway To Freedom is an exciting account of the hardship and heroism the Quakers and enslaved Africans faced during the 1840's and 1850's along the "Underground Railroad" from North Carolina to Indiana. Read more

Checkout the Farmers' Market info.

James Wilson founded Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre in 1973. His respect for the Quaker way of life and their peaceful contributions to history moved him to bring The Sword of Peace, and then Pathway to Freedom to the beautiful Cane Creek region of Snow Camp, North Carolina as the Historical Drama - Snow Camp Outdoor Theatre. Please help keep his vision moving forward and consider donating to the James Wilson Memorial Fund. Read more.

  • The Princess & The Pea: The search for Prince Peter's 'true princess'. Exciting adventures that entertain from start to finish.
  • Robin Hood: The adventures of Sherwood Forest's Robin Hood and his quest to aid Maid Marian. Sure to delight children of all ages. 
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